Ah, anal!! It’s a love/hate relationship for a lot of people. When I first met Daddy, one of the first things He did was begin to train my asshole. He started with fingers, then we worked our way up to toys. At the beginning, I would balk at Ben-wa balls or even a vibrator in my ass, but now…boy has that changed.

About a year ago, Daddy gifted me with a sizeable butt plug. I mean, that thing was daunting. But gradually, as we played more and more, I got used to more anal. Over a matter of months Daddy worked up to it by using dildos and even more fingers. And LOTS of lube.

Now, Daddy can fit three to four fingers, and that plug is easy. And it feels great!! Ladies and gentlemen, all we are saying, is give anal a chance. If you’re thinking about trying it but are hesitant, you may want to think about giving it a shot. Make sure your master/mistress makes you comfortable and goes slow. You’ll thank him/her later.



Happy 2016 everyone! Today Daddy and I are relaxing with our two dogs and not doing anything. No cooking, cleaning, or paying bills. Just a chill, snowy Friday, perfect for laying around!

Last night, I wore Daddy’s favorite tights out in public. They’re matte black with the crotch cut out for easiest access to my pussy. I sat on His lap at one point last night, and He inconspicuously reached his hand up my dress and started stroking my cunt. He later commented on how wet I was, and I told Him that I loved it when we do things in public without getting caught.

That doesn’t make me an exhibitionist. I find the idea of fucking or scenes in a public place horrifying. However, I do enjoy being Daddy’s little slut and will soon have a day collar that marks me so. If he would like me to be covertly naughty in public, let’s just say I’m pretty thrilled! 

Our one on one time continues. Until next time!


Whoops! There I go again, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and neglecting my “me” time. Yes, I’ll admit, this blog provides me with a few minutes every day to reconnect with my sub personality and please Daddy (!!!). Who wouldn’t want that?

Lately, Daddy and I have been spending some much needed quality time together. We’ve delved into a couple new things including rope play, which it turns out that Daddy is very adept at, despite being brand new at it. I love trying new things under Daddy’s supervision, because it forces me to communicate. I have to tell him when the rope is too tight, when my limbs and extremities start to tingle or go numb, when something is just too painful. These are are vital in order to have a successful scene. Also necessary for having a positive d/s experience. In return, He has to pay attention to when my hands or feet begin to turn purple, and check his work and my positioning constantly, which are details that I can tell he enjoys. Altogether, it’s been a pretty enoyable experience for us both.

But one of my favorite things that we do together is have a drink on nights before we both don’t have to work the next day. For as tough and wise as Daddy might be, he is very affectionate when he drinks. I love this, because he always tells me how much he loves me, then proceeds to take me to bed where things get rough (in a good way).

But I digress, I’m typing away while Daddy’s sitting right next to me, looking content, but in need of a footrest.

If you are following this blog and like it, why not leave me a comment and let me know? I could use some extra motivation to write more often in the new year. Happy 2016 to you and yours!


So, it has been a super long time since I posted, I know. Part of that was the fact that I’ve been working a full time job to help pay the bills in a somewhat financially difficult time that Daddy and I are going through. Part of it was just not feeling inspired to write.

Recently, Daddy and I had a conversation about picking it back up again, and I’m always eager to please Him. I guess there’s a lot to say because some pretty monumental things have happened since January…

One of the major things that happened is that I found a submissive of my own. I’ve only had a couple of sessions with her so far, but she seemed very eager to learn and was excited to be my little toy. She even bought a few implements that she wanted me to use on her, but then…

She sort of faded into obscurity as the months passed. She would correspond with Daddy almost daily for a certain period of time, during which he found out that she was kind of a brat and somewhat flighty. He wasn’t too pleased with her, and soon afterwards, most communication tapered off completely.

Daddy continues to train me in the meantime. Recently, I was disciplined for failing to perform one of my usual tasks, so it’s obvious that there’s still more that we need to do together before we focus on another person.

From now on I will be writing a couple times a week as per Daddy’s request. It feels good to be back.


“What’s wrong with a kiss, boy? You don’t have to go stampeding towards the clitoris, give her a nice kiss!” – Monty Python presents The Meaning of Life

On the way to work this morning, I felt fifteen years old asking Daddy:

“So can we make out later tonight?”

“Sure,” he agreed. Fucking score.

I love kissing Daddy. I consider it a huge privelidge because subs and slaves of the past have not been given this luxury. Daddy knows just how much being kissed turns me on (very vanilla, but true nonetheless), so He uses them sparingly.

We’ve both been slaving away at our jobs all week long. It’s time we took some time to reconnect. Words can’t express how excited I am to see you tonight, Daddy. To taste you, and to fulfill your every desire.

In your own words, SOON.


This post is just for Daddy.

Daddy, I miss you terribly. I feel like sometimes searching for someone new to train drives a sort of wedge between us.

Sometimes, all I want is to be held in your arms or in position in front of you while you tell me I’m a good slut.

I know you haven’t been feeling well. I have had a headache for days as well. Can we take some time and re-connect tonight? Your little girl needs you.

Love always.


Nothing compares to the ache I feel today. Yesterday, I had an entire day off with Daddy. Sundays are wonderful because I get uninterrupted one-on-one with Him, and He does with me as He wishes.

Last night, we went to a party for my work. There was really delicious food there, and towards the end of the night, we all sat down to play Cards Against Humanity.

About halfway into the game, I was having trouble concentrating because I was so fucking turned on. Daddy was sitting next to me and I couldn’t stop picturing his rock hard, throbbing cock in my mind. Squirming mentally, I looked over at Daddy and squeezed his thigh. Something tells me that He got the message.

By the time we got home, we were both tired and it was too late to fuck. I slept soundly and awoke early to take care of some of the chores I knew that I wouldn’t have time for later in the day. My clit still aches and I want Him badly, even as I type this.

This morning, just before I dropped Him off to work, Daddy lamented, “Daddy’s gonna miss you all day today.”

The feeling is mutual. I can’t wait to play with you tonight, Daddy. To have that rigid, perfect cock in my dripping mouth and tight little asshole. Can’t wait to feel you explode inside me.

To service you however you desire. I await you.

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